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March 31-2014 Cheap Tubes Has completed our move into our new 16,000 S.F. manufacturing facility.   We can be reached at 802-254-6969 or 802-869-5555 phone. Our new fax # is 802-869-5554.  Our new mailing address is 3992, rte 121 STE 3, Grafton, VT 05146. Home Page is The Source for Carbon Nanotubes & Graphenes:

Cheap Tubes is closed for vacation starting at 1pm on Monday July 21, 2014 and we will reopen on Monday the 28th.  We will process all orders received during this time in the order in which they are received starting on the 28th. is "The source for high quality, low cost carbon nanotubes and graphenes!"  We supply the carbon nanotube & graphene products you need at the prices you want to pay.  We've supplied high quality carbon nanotubes and graphene products to academic and corporate researchers since 2005.  Why not join the thousands of customers who have seen the Cheap Tubes difference?  Cheap Tubes has recently moved into a 16,000 s.f. manufacturing facility to better serve our customers needs.   We are ready to assist you!

Graphene Ink is now available!

Please contact us to discuss your graphene ink needs. Our graphene ink can

be deposited using conventional coating technologies for a variety of applications.


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Please contact us to discuss your graphene and carbon nanotube needs.

graphene oxide     graphene-nanoplatelets

Graphene Oxide                     Graphene Nanoplatelets

We supply high quality single layer andWe supply high quality Graphene
few layer Graphene Oxide which is solubleNanoplatelets which are friable to <4
in Di Water, NMP, DMF, THF, Ethanol & layers and are available in pristine or
many other solvents.  Try some today.functionalized versions with O+, COOH,
 NH2, N2 or F groups which aid dispersion

graphene coated wafer     functionalized graphene nanoplatelets

We supply high quality monolayer, bilayer, We supply high quality Functionalized
and trilayer CVD graphene films on Graphene Nanoplatelets which are friable
SI/SIO2, PET, CU Foils, & Quartz.  Weto <4 layers and can be functionalized to
can transfer onto your substrate as well.promote dispersion in the matrix.

single walled carbon nanotubes     multi walled carbon nanotubes

SWNTs                                    MWNTs

We supply Single Walled CarbonWe supply Multi Walled Carbon
Nanotubes with a wide selection ofNanotubes with a wide selection of
purity and functionalities.diameters, purity and functionalities

double walled nanotubes-dwnt 60s tem image   Functionalized carbon Nantoubes

DWNTs                                   Functionalized CNTs

We supply Double Walled CarbonWe supply Functionalized Carbon
Nanotubes with a wide selection ofNanotubes with a wide selection of
purity and functionalities.purity and functionalities.

helical multi walled carbon nanotubes  indistrial grade multi walled carbon nanotubes

Helical MWNTs                        Industrial Grade MWNTs

We supply Helical Walled Carbon We supply Industrial Grade Carbon
that are 90% pure Nanotubes andNanotubes with an OD of <10nm,
100-200nm OD.10-30nm, & 20-40nm. Functionalized
 Industrial grade multi walled carbon
 nanotubes are available.

Please contact us to discuss your graphene and carbon nanotube needs.

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